Montella Cregger: The condoms were kept behind the counter.

Going to movies. Going to dinner. And not the occasionally going dutch to 'a' dinner while all of the rest of the time making sexual rendezvous, either. I need someone who is geeky or at least can appreciate geekiness and current pop culture/ internet memes and their associated abrupt humor. I need someone kinky. If you think that just means wild slutty sex, you need not apply. So a little more in depth understanding of Bdsm practices, safe words, power exchange, etc would be nice. However, I'm also not hugely into D/s or edgeplay. Though I'm more willing to explore a D/s dynamic as long as it's a relaxed one. I like older guys. I just do. Nothing against guys my age or younger than me, I have dated a few. But initially I'm more attracted to the 2740 range. I'm a little wild, impatient, passionate, insecure, anxious, etc etc. So I'm attracted to those stable, patience, experienced, unwavering, polite, nurturing aspects of most older men. I need someone with a good balance of the intellectual and the silliness/ stupidity. I love really brainwracking intellectual conceptualization and debate but sometimes I just want to turn my brain off and relax. Love the real headtotoe intellectual hipster types but you guys never seem to be able to turn it off and it makes me feel pressured to conform and never let my guard down either. Sometimes I want to be able to laugh about something inane and while wearing a tshirt and pajama pants without feeling stupid or unattractive. On that vein, I like to dress comfortably most of the time and occasionally dress up for gettogethers with friends. If you prefer someone who is dressed nicely more often than not, we're just going to grate on each other. Be tall. Don't lie. Don't say you are 6 foot or more and then show up as 3 inches shorter than me. I'm 6 foot. Love ya, but shorter guys usually get a shitty complex with me about my height and things turn awkward quickly. Especially if we toedip into D/s. Other than that I like

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