San Juan de Uraba Ehnis: She continued to stare at my swimsuit with her mouth open.

Me I am 26 years old. Female. Obviously I am 55 or 56. Not fat, not skinnyAverage/curvy. Darkalmost black hair with !bright pink! streaks. Green eyes. Bisexual. I am usually the monogamous type though American/Sicilian. I'm an Omnivore/Carnivore I have no kids 2 tattoos on my wrists I am dating around until the right person asks/gets me to settle down I have my own place in CC and my own car. Both of which I love! I am a student working on my Master's degree. I have a part time job. I do a lot of volunteer work. In the past I have dated skater/surfer/musician/alternative types I like to wear black boots. I also like fishnets. I love scary movies, pasta, sourdough, the color pink, music, the beach, swimming, the river, camping, angry chick music, chick flicks, blue moon beer, NOT wine, champagne and OJ, fruity smelling things, victoria's secret 'Love Spell' scent, NOT chocolate, orchids and iris' painting/sketching I especially love massages and foot rubs. I do not smoke anything. I drink on occasion and socially. I've never been 'high' exactly. I have tried one mushroom one time. I laughed so hard for about 6 hours straight I thought I was going to puke from laughter. I don't care so much about other people's lifestyle as long as they dont try to force it on me To each their own WHAT I WANT Someone to get rid of spiders for me Someone who knows not to say BOO! during the scary movie because I might cry I want someone who will grow to worship me Someone who will kiss and watch me when I sleep Someone who enjoys making me happy Someone who gives me foot rubs while I do my homework Someone who gives me foot rubs and massages just to make me smile Someone who knows how to touch me Someone who LOVES to touch me Someone who knows what to do and how to do it Someone who will read me stories at night before bed Someone who knows how to be aggressive at the right times Someone who always wants me Someo

 : so true go head dumbledore
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